Mardin Biennial

The 1st Mardin Biennial was held between June 4 and July 5, 2010 with the aim of transforming Mardin into a center of modern art. The biennial took place in Mardin’s unique historical architecture and spaces that fuse with the daily life of the people of Mardin. The city of Mardin, full of historical, cultural and geographical riches, has been such a different and intense experience area for contemporary artists for the first time. Art activities that integrate with the unique architecture of Mardin, which has a rich historical and spatial past, will be an important factor in gaining a permanent place on the world’s culture and art map. With the 1st Biennial, Mardin has witnessed and will continue to have new shares. A multi-purpose cultural meeting was held, enabling the exchange of ideas between the international art community and local and international artists.

The Mardin Biennial aims to animate the geography of Mardin with artists, academics, students and different cultural communities through art, to create new sharing environments, to bring new dimensions to the definition of the traditional “center” in art, and to place Mardin in a central position with a series of prestigious exhibitions.

The second of the Mardin Biennial, the first of which was held in June 2010, was held between September 21-October 21, 2012 with the cooperation of the GAP Administration, Mardin Governorship, Prime Ministry Promotion Fund and the private sector. The third one was held between May 15 and June 15, 2015 by the Mardin Cinema Association and with the support of the private sector. The 4th Mardin Biennial will take place between 04 May – 04 June 2018.