Sara Kostic

“Mapped”, 2018, performance, approx. 3 hours 

Sara Kostic’s new durational performance piece that is created for the biennial takes the courtyard of the former monastery as its site. Taking the biennial’s title as a guiding force for this new piece she asks what is to be said when one has no more words: How can we trace the paths that are still visible and the ones that are lost if not with the body itself? Departing from the idea that there is nothing so immediate as the experience of one’s own body, the artist pushes the limits of her body through a series of compelling physical exercises and exhibits the resulting processes of deformation (of the boundaries) and production (of sweat) to the public. Finally, the work proposes that the body in motion can be a tool to re-configure spatial boundaries as well as physical boundaries thus offering a subtle critique of the current unstable social conditions in the region caused by the ongoing war on borders as political boundaries.