Neither here nor there! – a performance by Nejbir Erkol (Mardin). Duration: 45 minutes.
21 May, 2022 | 11:00 | Design Foundation Gallery

Erkol’s performance explores the possibilities for the emergence of a precariat, based on the memory of an event from 2019 when a mortar shell from across the border landed 97 steps from her house in Nusaybin. The ground being wet from the previous day’s rain prevented the shell from exploding. The performance will take the form of imaginative storytelling using the metaphor of the kanyaş (Phalaris) grass collected from the pit left behind by the shell, and will braid the concepts of safe space, natural resilience, and vulnerability. The performance will be accompanied by sketches of the grass.

(B)orderly erosions with the shriek of despair as my guiding wavelength – a performance by Bint Mbareh (Palestine / UK). Duration : 45 minutes.
21 May, 2022 |15:00 | Develi Han

Bint Mbareh’s performance in Mardin takes the pain and grief generated by dispossession as its starting point. These are sonorous moments where exclamations to prophets and saints were common and necessary conduits for pain. She explores how sonic exclamations break borders because of the material that makes up the sound, as it reaches from one body to another, disregarding what a false or imagined border dictates and what violence it instigates. Her research is on shrine mythology in Palestine, and how the shrine is a neighbour, and how communities exiled in Palestine continue to connect in neighbourly ways with their saints and prophets, all mediated by sounds which cross time and space seamlessly.

Sharing Notes: Kathyayini Dash (India), Petra Nachtmanova (Vienna) Erkan Çanakçi (Istanbul) and Çağri Koç (Mardin) in musical collaboration. Supported by Tarabya Cultural Academy.
21 May, 2022 |16:00 | Develi Han

This performance will bring about a merger of the worlds of poets from Anatolian repertoire of poetry and from the repertoire of Indian Bhakti poetry of Kabir Saheb. Using the Turkish Yunus Emre and the Indian Kabir Saheb as starting points, the musical exploration will illuminate their synchronicities as well as their ubiquitous presences. Like their shared vocabulary, their music too rings an all too familiar bell of yearning, longing, a special shade of devotion that exists between the cry and the laugh, a bell that leads to an immersion that unifies, that brings people together in ways that only the heart can understand, that can represent a bridge between the Sufi and the Bhakti movements, that were dynamically moving across the Eurasian plains, and between ships in the time of our poets. 

Days of Eating : a food-based engagement by Bhagwati Prasad (India)
20 – 25 May, 2022 | various timings | Develi Han

In this food-based activation of his project Begumpura – A Place Without Sorrow, the artist invites the public to dine upon a social-ecology formed around the tongue. The denizens of this nomadic utopia are united by the belief that each thing has the ability to be contained inside another, the ability to pass through the other. A makeshift shelter pitched in old Mardin becomes the space for imagining kinship through shared experiences around language and food. Afiyet olsun!

Reading room by border_less collective
20 May – 20 June, 2022 | 12:00 – 18:00 | Kebikeç Sahaf Cafe

The reading room put together  by  border_less collective, the independent archiving and publishing platform, allows for a leisurely unpacking and further reading on the themes outlined by the 5th Mardin Biennial.Throughout the course of the biennial, the reading room based out of a cosy library-cafe will host parallel events coordinated by the artist Baver Doğanay. The bibliography has been compiled by Karan Shrestha, Ritu & Tenzing, Abdessamad El Montassir, Merve Ünsal, Lara Ögel, Gülşah Mursaloğlu, Merve Akar Akgün, Ilgın Seymen, Fisun Yalçınkaya, Baver Doğanay, Adwait Singh and border_less

Democratise Knowledge Economies: a self-moderated discussion around alternative publishing ventures in the arts, copyleft, resistance to patenting, and the future of the Internet.
21 May, 2022 | 12:00 | Kebikeç Sahaf Cafe

Participants:  border_less collective, (Istanbul) , ​​İpek Hamzaoğlu (Vienna), Lara Ögel (Istanbul), Merve Ünsal (Istanbul) Sibel Horada (Istanbul), Thukral and Tagra (New Delhi) 

Mystical Cosmopoltics and Intransigent Sonics: An exchange between Dina Amro (Palestine / UK), Zahra Malkani (Pakistan) and Kathyayini Dash (India / South africa).
22 May, 2022 | 12:00 | German Headquarters

Eray Caylı and Erkan Özgen in conversation
24 May, 2022 | 14:00 | 13 metrekare

14:00 Adwait Singh Speech – Loading / Diyarbakir

14:00 Event Hosted by Zahit Mungan – Zahit Mungan Workshop

13:00 -Yuvam World Association Interview – Design Foundation Meydan Gallery “Not the Climate, Let’s Change! / #BirGünNokToday” Speakers: Kıvılcım Pınar Kocabıyık, Kübra Güler Dağtekin, Berivan Aslan Sungur, Özgül Öztürk

19:30 Screening of the documentary “Clouds” – Carpenters’ Cafe
Director: Osman Nuri İyem
“Clouds” tells the tragicomic story of the Bulut family living in a small Aegean village.