John Gerrard’s work “Western Flag” at the Biennial will be shown simultaneously at İstanbul Bilsart.

John Gerrard’s work entitled “Western Flag” will be shown simultaneously at the biennial and at İstanbul Bilsart’, and his work “Flag (Nile)” will be shown until May 18. 

Flag (Nile) 2017, portrays a section of the Nile River near Cairo. Apart from the reflections of waterfront buildings and trees, the colors of the river have been re-created digitally. At the center of the scene, there appears an oil slick- in order to create a live prismatic area, it fragments light in a direct and sharp way and depending on the time change, it results in an ever changing form. As point of view surrounds this form, the work reveals the outcome of the solar cycle of 365 days. The gentle movement of the waves gives life to this scene and becomes the source for the title of the work. 

May 12, with the collaboration of Bilsart İstanbul Soho House/ dialogue between artists: John Gerrard & Ebru Yetişkin