An innovation by the Mardin Biennial: the Invited

From this year onwards, a new chapter opens up for the Mardin Biennial. In this chapter, entitled the Invited, exhibitions would be based on the tradition of hosting. Actors and/or institutions from the art world will be invited to hold an exhibition. The invited will then become the host and invite more artists to the exhibition at stake.

With the Invited, the first of which will be held simultaneously with the 5. Mardin Biennial between 20 May and 20 June 2022, an autonomous path and exhibition form apart from the status quo and established duties of contemporary art will be explored. Thus, a novel and sustainable model of exhibitions, which are in friendly collaboration with the main exhibition of the biennial, would be put to the test.

The first series of invitations for this new event, which will be inspired by the curatorial texts of Adwaid Singh, is undertaken by the advisory board and the management of the Mardin Biennial.

The works of invited artists Alper Aydın, Ekin Saçlıoğlu, Erkan Özgen, İrem Tok, Itamar Gov, Jennifer Steinkamp will investigate alternative forms of socio-economic relations in light of the phenomena covered in the Promise of the Grass, which has outlined the conceptual framework of the latest edition of the biennial, such as barter, generosity and gift economies.

İrem Tok (b.1982, Turkey)

Site archéologique Meydan Larousse 2021
Mixed media, installation
Courtesy of the artist and PILOT Gallery

Itamar Gov, (b. 1989)

Anatolian Phantom Limbs, 2022
Stone and metal installation
Courtesy of the artist and Zilberman Gallery

Erkan Özgen (b. 1971, Turkey)

Extinction Vortex, 2022
Endemic plant species sample on paper
13 pieces, 39 x 27 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Zilberman Gallery

Alper Aydın, (b.1989, Turkey)

Noah, 2013 Sculpture
Courtesy of the artist

Ekin Saçlıoğlu, (b.1979, Turkey)

Lonesome George, 2017 Resin Casting
Courtesy of the artist

Jennifer Steinkamp, (d. 1958, USA)

Fly to Mars 9 , 2010
Video installation
Ed. 1/1 + AP
Courtesy of Borusan Contemporary Art Collection