Yeliz İşanç Arapoğlu, ”The Journey of Lines for Children”

April 30-May 20, 2018: Mardin Museum

Yeliz İşanç Arapoğlu, Workshop for the Journey of Lines” April 30- May 20, 2018 : 10:00-11:30, 9-10 age group, with the collaboration of Mardin Museum.

How does the journey of a line begin? What does the scribbling of an artist or of a child turn into, on the desk of a primary school student in Mardin, after having traveled for for many kilometers? The workshop of a journey of lines is a story that seeks answers to there two questions. The primary goal here, is for the primary school students in Mardin to complete, for the workshop, of ‘sketches/scribblings’ done by artists taking part in the biennial, prior to April 30th, and for the May 20th workshop, the delivery to students in Mardin, of drawings done by students of a school in Istanbul. 

Venue: Mardin Museum