Interactive performance on the alternative writings on art history of the 20th Century

May 6, at: 14:00 hrs, Mardin Cinema Association

How much of history is unwritten? 
Is the scenery with clouds, rain or rainbow in the sky, as imposed upon us by the concept of history, always the same? Most probably, the best way to free ourselves from history would not be the end or failure of history, but our passing through a variety of histories. Perhaps by passing through the plurality of history, from the shores and ports that history can pave way to personal histories, or by lodging there. “My First Century” promises what is to become history, the shores or ports of verbal history. We want to travel to all of the world cities that are reachable, and be able to collect their history; the history, or histories of all poets, artists, writers, political scientists, sociologists…of thinkers regarded as intellectuals; of those who have been abandoned in this century…”My First Century”, which will begin its adventure in Mardin, during the Biennial, aims at writing the history of cities that may not be considered as ‘world centers’, but of every city, that by proximity to the neighbouring city, or one that is further away, can be a center. The history of their arts…their Art History…Gathering the intellectuals of a particular city to ask them whom they consider to be among the figures making up the history of the 20th Century; which images and sounds are in their histories? which “History of Art” have they been expelled from?; Thing that have not been said,recounted, unspoken, silenced, or set aside? or maybe those that have not been mentioned at all? sessions with a group of intellectuals from each city in an interactive performance defining the personal century of each participant. In this journey, we are expecting to fit into one century, sounds that have never been heard, or images that have never been seen, but we are aware of the fact that they will never fit into a single century,and this distresses us. Hoping that you will join us… In the name of “My First Century” Ayşegül Sönmez and Zeynep Okyay