Leyla Postalcıoğlu, “Creative Dance Workshop for Children”

June 2-3 Mardin Museum

Dancer and choreographer Leyla Postalcıoğlu participates in the biennial with a dance workshop for children between 8-12 ages and above 12. These workshops invite children to dance, think, share and enjoy a series of physical exercises and improvisations designed to help them develop their own way of expressing themselves using body language. Guided by imagination and instincts children are encouraged to embody concepts that are specific to dance such as space, time, force, body, movement and form. The inclusion of this workshop in the biennial is intended to contribute to a new and expanded definition of ”performance” today understood not as a medium or something that an artwork can be but rather a set of questions and concerns about how art relates to people and the wider social world, which is the core idea of “Body Language”.