Aydın Teker “Movement Workshop for Women: Mother Earth and Our Feet”

May 7-8, 10:00-12:00, 120 min.

Dancer and choreographer Aydın Teker participates in the biennial with a movement workshop. Because every woman has a different body type, they are expected to have a specific relationship with their own bodies. Yet there exists some certainties common to all women and the connection with the Mother Earth is one of them. Feet establish connection with the Mother Earth and the body’s strength is achieved from a strong body-earth connection. This workshop invites women to familiarise with their own bodies and to establish a bodily connection with the Mother Earth. The inclusion of this workshop in the biennial is intended to contribute to a new and expanded definition of ”performance” today understood not as a medium or something that an artwork can be but rather a set of questions and concerns about how art relates to people and the wider social world, which is the core idea of “Body Language.”