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    21 May 2022


    16:00 - 17:00

    Sharing Notes: Kathyayini Dash (India), Petra Nachtmanova (Vienna) Erkan Çanakçi (Istanbul) and Çağri Koç (Mardin) in musical collaboration. Supported by Tarabya Cultural Academy. 21 May, 2022 |16:00 | Develi Han

    This performance will bring about a merger of the worlds of poets from Anatolian repertoire of poetry and from the repertoire of Indian Bhakti poetry of Kabir Saheb. Using the Turkish Yunus Emre and the Indian Kabir Saheb as starting points, the musical exploration will illuminate their synchronicities as well as their ubiquitous presences. Like their shared vocabulary, their music too rings an all too familiar bell of yearning, longing, a special shade of devotion that exists between the cry and the laugh, a bell that leads to an immersion that unifies, that brings people together in ways that only the heart can understand, that can represent a bridge between the Sufi and the Bhakti movements, that were dynamically moving across the Eurasian plains, and between ships in the time of our poets. 

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